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B2B application for retail sales

Receive, process and deliver orders to stores faster and more efficiently with your own B2B application!

Receive, validate and deliver orders faster and more efficiently with your own B2B application!

Ready to rock with extra orders and get your branded app?

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Consultation and obtaining of your brandbook

1-3 days

Discover what you will get in 3 weeks after applying and how sales via mobile app will unlock the most significant new distribution channel.


Application development

7 days

The mobile application includes important features such as personalized pricing, B2B payment, cashback, direct communication between stores and a distributor, and much more.


Integration with your accounting system

3 - 5 days

Orders received from stores will be immediately reflected in your system.


Placing the application on App Store and Google Play

3 - 4 days

Distribute the application among your customers and take orders in your new ecosystem!

Main features you will get

Order placement 24/7

Now your customers can place orders anytime, regardless of your opening hours.

Promotions & discount creation

Your clients will be able to see all your promotions and discounts in one click.

B2B payment

Enable your customers to make payments by credit card within your app.

Increased order size

Stores will have access to entire range of products by category and brand, which will increase turnover and average order size.

Power BI

The system allows you to generate reports based on various criteria for detailed data analytics.

Integration with any system via API

Quick and smooth integration with your ERP system.

Faster customer journey

Customers can place an order in just 2 clicks.

Secure database

We follow the best security practices to keep your data protected.

Online customer support

Customers can ask for support within the app.


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Product brands

What's inside of your future
customized app?

What's inside of your future tailored-to-you app?

Discounts and promotions
Stores can get hot deals and new products notification on a daily basis
Branded application allows you to upload a complete list of your products to the catalog. Now stores can browse the full list of products without time limits.
Stores can track order status online and contact distributor when necessary.

Discounts and promotions

Stores can receive hot deals and new items notifications on a daily basis.


Branded application allows you to upload a complete list of your products to the catalog. With an online catalog, stores can easily browse your full product offering without time limits.


Stores can track order status real time and contact distributor whenever they need.


Our clients and their stories

Why do companies choose Smart Satu?

Zarina Barlybayeva

CEO AksayNan

About the company: “Aksay Bakery Plant” LLP is one of the largest modern bakery enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan. AksayNan daily produces more than 150 tons of products. It has remained a reliable and sought-after company for more than a decade.

Feedback: Smart Satu always keeps up with the times. We have very good results using the system. Their team is very responsive, understands all our demands and is always ready to help. Thanks to the application, receiving orders has been reduced from 3 minutes to 10 seconds, which saves us a lot of time.

Zarina Barlybayeva

CEO AksayNan

Natalya Markhiyeva

CEO, Metro Kazakhstan

About the company: METRO is an international wholesale company with food and non-food items. METRO has about 16 million customers around the world. https://www.metro-kz.com/

Feedback: Smart Satu helped our company to achieve our goal – being a wholesale channel for convenience stores. The mobile application has become our main sales tool for “traders” distribution channel. The quick response of the team to our requests every time convinces us of the right choice.

Natalya Markhiyeva

CEO, Metro Kazakhstan

SRT Group

About the company: The company has been operating in the Kyrgyz market for over 22 years, being the official distributor of MARS Wrigley, Henkel, Colgate-Palmolive, Nivea, L’oreal, Bunge, Gallina Blanca, Frima, Vitex, Ahmad Tea, Borjomi, Samyang, Pamir, Schwarzkopf Professional, and many other brands. Every year the SRT Group’s portfolio grows even bigger by adding new global brands.

SRT Group

Albert Rembert

Founder and CEO of DB

About the company: The business has always been family owned. Delicious beverage created products that are beneficial for both – the business and consumers. The company makes sweet teas, lemonades and fruit-flavored syrups and distributes them directly to its customers.

Feedback: The application has helped me to take my business to the next level. The Smart Satu team is very helpful and responsive to all my requests.

Albert Rembert

Founder and CEO of DB

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

The process from receiving your request to launching an app takes on average 3 weeks.

Integrating with ERP systems is our job! Our team is focused on a high-quality integration process with systems such as Microsoft, QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, etc. It is our priority to make a proper integration with any of your ERP systems.

We work worldwide and already have partners in Central Asia, South East Asia and in the US.

There are plenty of benefits such as fully customized application, convenient and user-friendly functionality,  efficient integration with any of your systems (isn't it great?), increase in turnover and average order size with in-app promotions and push-notifications, live tracking of orders, B2B payments and more!

We are always open to a new partnership! You can fill in the information here or email us directly at info@smartsatu.com

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